Window blinds are incredibly versatile, especially durable and amazingly fashionable. Their versatility stems from the fact blinds can be completely customized to complement any color scheme and trimmed with custom decorative details. Wooden blinds in natural tones add warmth and beauty to any room while also giving off an outdoor atmosphere. Composite blinds are durable and hard-working in any setting. Fabric blinds filter sunlight to create an inviting ambiance.

We also have vertical blinds great for large windows or sliding glass doors. Vinyl blinds are easy to care for and have vibrant color options to choose from. This makes vinyl blinds a fun option. Whatever type of blinds you want, we have. From aluminum blinds to vertical blinds, our selection of styles and colors are endless.

In addition to blinds, we have shades and other window treatments as well. If you need shutters, we've got you covered! We are a reliable window treatments company who put our clients first. We are also experts in floor installation and carpet installation. From flooring to window treatments, we are your all in one home improvements contractor. Contact Petra Flooring & Blinds of Houston today to get started!


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